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Hanging Out and Hooking Up - A lecture with Kerry Cronin



St. Anselm College


Unhooked at St. Anselm is hosting Kerry Cronin on Monday, November 9th to give a talk about fostering a healthy dating environment on campus. 

Kerry Cronin is a doctoral candidate in philosophy, a fellow at the Center for Student Formation, and associate director of the Lonergan Center, which is Boston College’s resource for studying the works and influences of the 20th century philosopher Bernard Lonergan, SJ. Since April 2004, when she led a panel discussion on campus titled “Take Back the Date,” Cronin has emerged as a relationships guru of sorts, speaking to packed student audiences on such topics as “The Imperfect Art of Dating,” “Dating 101,” and “Sex and the Single Student.” She has also taken her message off campus, delivering talks at universities across the country. 

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