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February 15, 2017

CONTACT: Brittany Crippen
Director of Outreach and Communications
Love and Fidelity Network

PRINCETON, NJ – On dozens of college and university campuses, conversations around Valentine's Day were a little more "unexpected" this year.  

The annual Love and Fidelity Network (LFN) Valentine's Day campaign, which supplied more than 500 posters in dorms and campus buildings nationwide, capitalized on the Valentine’s hype to promote authentic understandings of friendship, relationship, and sexual integrity.  

The poster series encouraged college students at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and dozens of campuses not to get caught up in the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day and “be unexpected” by building real, authentic relationships. 

"We were thrilled with the reception of this year's campaign," said Brittany Crippen, director of outreach and communications for LFN. “By calling out the unrealistic and unhealthy expectations around this time of year, we hope this intercollegiate campaign helped students to think more deeply about their relationships, romantic or otherwise. 

"We want them to reevaluate the social scripts they too easily take for granted and that all too often lead to heartache.”

The campaign is one of the many activities supported by LFN, which has spent the last decade supporting groups at colleges and universities to promote healthy understandings of sexual integrity on campuses nationwide. 

“By encouraging students to ‘be unexpected,’ we’re hoping that college students will think beyond the dominant campus messaging not just on Valentine’s Day, but year-round," Crippen said.

The intercollegiate campaign featured student groups at dozens of college campuses plastering quads and dorms with posters that remind peers not to buy into the predictable Valentine’s messaging that dominates popular campus culture. 

The posters encouraged students to build meaningful relationships, instead of hooking up, by using Valentine’s Day to start new friendships, cement old ones, or even to learn more about authentic relationships—by asking their grandparents how they met. On social media, students have been encouraging their peers to #BeUnexpected and inviting others to join in the conversation.  

“For ten years, LFN has been promoting a better vision of authentic love and human flourishing on college campuses,” said Crippen. “This campaign will continue to spark many conversations about how college students can break free of the tired messages of the hookup culture and what it means to seek out real relationships.” 

More information about the “Be Unexpected” campaign is available at or on

Established in Princeton, New Jersey in 2007 in response to the inadequate treatment of marriage, family, and sexuality at many colleges and universities, the Love and Fidelity Network is the leading national program that promotes marriage and the integrity of sex at the collegiate level. It equips college students with the resources, arguments, and support they need to uphold the institution of marriage, the special role of the family in society, and the integrity of human sexuality within their university communities and as leaders in the public square. It provides leadership coaching to these university men and women and offers funding for campus initiatives.


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