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Students discuss U.Va. hookup culture Off the Hook hosts panel to address relationships, hooking up at universities


College Network: Let’s Talk About Love and Fidelity


A national organization is fighting the hookup culture on college campuses.

College Network seeks to change campus debate on sex


As college students around the country kick off a new school year, one national organization is working to change prevailing campus attitudes that accept casual sexual encounters as the norm.

Activities Fair Promotes Student Involvement


Campus group, Off the Hook at the University of Pittsburgh is recognized for promoting an alternative voice to the popular hookup culture on college campuses. Student Fellow, Emily Blume told the Pitt News that, "One of the most important things [Off The Hook] wants students to know is that there is, in fact, a way to live a full, flourishing college life without feeling the need to have casual sex or casual hookups."

The Hookup Hoax


Mona Charen writes on "The new brainwashing: Liberated women love casual, meaningless sex" and references the "self-consciously countercultural" students of the Love and Fidelity Network.

Decay or Renewal?


Columbia University student and LFN Student Leader Luke Foster writes on his impressions of LFN's first annual leadership seminar and why the message of love and fidelity is so important to share in a hook-up world.

A moment with ... Cassandra Hough ’07, on the hookup culture


LFN Founder Cassandra Hough is featured in her alma mater's alumni weekly magazine for her work as an undergrad in the Anscombe Society and with the Love and FIdelity Network in subsequent years. She highlights the dissatisfaction students find with the hook up culture and what's changed at Princeton since she graduated.

Feeling 22, Celebrating Traditional Marriage


Kathryn Lopez interviews Director of Programs Caitlin Seery in the wake of the Supreme Court decisions on marriage.

Traditional Marriage Movement Gaining Steam


NOM features a CBN video on young people defending marriage, featuring interviews with Ryan Anderson and Caitlin Seery

Why Both Sides Want Marriage Settled by the States


Director of Programs Caitlin Seery appears in a piece articulating why both traditional marriage and same-sex marriage advocates want the marriage question to be answered democratically rather than in the Supreme Court.

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