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Love Saxa Keeps University Funding After SAC Rejects Complaint


The Hoya reports on the SAC's decision to take "no action" against Love Saxa.

Love Saxa Funding, Status Remain Uncertain After Vote Postponed


Voting was postponed when the SAC ran out of time to issue Love Saxa's verdict.

SAC Ends Hearing Without Vote On Defunding Of Love Saxa


The Georgetown Voice reports on the SAC hearing with Love Saxa.

Student Group at Georgetown Targeted for Upholding Catholic Doctrine


On Campus, Threats Suppress Testimony to Christian Sexual Ethics


Awaiting hearing, Georgetown pro-marriage group draws support from Catholic leaders


Love Saxa is drawing support from many allies for its belief in conjugal marriage.

Georgetown Univ. Students Accused of 'Hatred,' 'Intolerance' for Not Supporting Gay Marriage


Georgetown University to defund student group for believing in Catholic doctrine


Points out the irony of Georgetown's Love Saxa student group being accused of intolerance for a belief that aligns with Catholic church doctrine.

Georgetown students have filed a discrimination complaint against a campus group promoting heterosexual marriage


The Washington Post reports on the accusations against Love Saxa — a student group at Georgetown.

Georgetown LGBT Lobby Calls for Defunding of Pro-Marriage Student Group as Homophobic


Breitbart reports on Georgetown students' accusations against Love Saxa.

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