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Pride and Prejudice: An Atheist Attends a Seminar on Christian Sexual Ethics


Andrew Boschert, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, reflects on a lecture he attended with Dr. Alexander Pruss that was sponsored by LFN student group, Off the Hook.

Students Promote 'Love and Fidelity' on Catholic Campuses


4 Anscombe Society student leaders (Georgetown, Notre Dame, Providence College, and Franciscan University of Steubenville) are interviewed about their groups' missions and outreach on campus.

College poster campaign takes hook up culture to task


A poster campaign distributed at 25 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Mexico calls students to question the predominance of 'hook-ups' and assures students there are healthy alternatives to the culture often promoted by university orientations.

Students Encourage Peers to “Expect More” Than Hook-up Culture in College


LFN Student Fellows encourage their peers to expect more than what the hook-up culture offers and what freshmen orientation often promotes through the 2014 LFN orientation poster campaign.

Caitlin La Ruffa on Life on the Rock (EWTN)


LFN Director, Caitlin La Ruffa appears on EWTN's show Life on the Rock to talk about the Love and Fidelity Network.



Student leaders learn the meaning of “Integrity in Action” at the Love and Fidelity Network's second annual leadership seminar.

Off the Hook tackles hookup culture


Student organization takes stand against casual sex on the basis of health Interview with Off the Hook President, Danny Pluta.

Meet the Stanford Senior Who Stood Up for Marriage Against Intolerance


This is a blog post from the Foundry that hi-lights Judy Romea and the Anscombe Society's efforts to hold a conference despite all of the opposition they received from other students and the Stanford administration.

Stanford Relents Somewhat Toward Pro-Traditional Marriage Society


FIRE wrote a letter to the Stanford Administration

Marriage and family values conference sparks free speech debate at Stanford


An event next month at Stanford University that will discuss traditional marriage and family values has sparked a free speech debate on campus between a student group hosting the discussion and LGBT advocates who claim it includes discriminatory speakers.

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