Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

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Love and fidelity find champions on campus


MercatorNet interviews Caitlin La Ruffa about the success of SIU 2015.

Conference discusses sexual integrity on campus


Emily Lataif, a senior at the University of Dallas, writes about her experience attending SIU 2015.

Record-High Attendees to Spend Halloween Weekend Combating Hook-up Culture


Over 300 students and alumni from nearly 50 colleges and universities across the nation will spend their Halloween weekend learning from leading scholars about the importance of strong marriages and sexual integrity in contributing to a flourishing society. The annual conference, the largest in its eight-year history, will equip the attendees with the knowledge and arguments they need to be effective witnesses for the message of an authentic understanding of love and fidelity on their campuses. Sexuality, Integrity, and the University will be held on the campus of Princeton University on Oct. 30-31.

Princeton Love and Marriage Event Expects Record-Breaking Attendance


An SIU 2015 write up in the Catholic News Agency

Ladies and Gentlemen As Rebels


Rod Dreher and the American Conservative

The Dating Apocalypse


The dawn of Tinder and other hookup apps have led to a dating apocalypse. But some people, like the Love and Fidelity Network – through their annual national conference, Sexuality, Integrity, and the University – are working hard to revive a culture that values human sexuality.

College Students Will Gather to Discuss "Marriage, Family, and Sexual Integrity"


The National Association of Scholars wrote a publicity piece for Sexuality, Integrity, and the University 2015.

Harvard's Socially Conservative Student Body


DuJour published an article about the Harvard Anscombe Society and other social conservatives at Harvard.

Missing Millennials – What Must the Church Do to Reach a Generation


In the broader context of how to reach Catholic Millennials, Carlos Flores talks about the Anscombe Society at UCSB and the marriage event they hosted with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse.

University of California demanded extra security fees for anti-gay marriage event


The Anscombe Society's lecture on marriage with Jennifer Roback Morse (entitled,"Same Sex Marriage: Why Not?") got coverage in the Washington Times.

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