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Alt Empire


There's a new kind of party scene on Princeton's campus.

Layden discusses negative aspects of pornography


The Daily Princetonian published a writeup about the Anscombe Society's event on the harms of pornography with Dr. Mary Anne Layden.

‘Real Sex Week’ Gives Students the Information Their Universities Won’t


The National Catholic Register discusses issues surrounding "Sex Week" and what some students on campus are doing about it.

The completion of a covenant


Will Rooney discusses the shortcomings if "SexFest" at Duke University in The Chronicle.

Beyond hookups: Sexually conservative students teach their peers how to date


The College Fix reports on the #BringDatingBack campaign and it's overall campus successes.

Forget 'Hook up' for 'Off the Hook'


The Catholic Herald reports on the 2016 #BringDatingBack campaign, interviewing students from James Madison University, the University of Notre Dame, and Catholic University of America.

#BringDatingBack posters create buzz on campus


The University News reports on the #BringDatingBack campaign at the University of Dallas.

EWTN Radio: Call Me Catholic


EWTN radio interviews LFN Executive Director Caitlin La Ruffa about the #BringDatingBack campaign

These Students Propose to Bring Back Dating for Valentine's Day


The Daily Signal reports on the 2016 #BringDatingBack Valentine's Campaign

Defying 'hookup culture,' some students work to restore romance


Kara Bettis interviews several students involved in the #BringDatingBack Valentine's campaign.

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