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Meet the Stanford Senior Who Stood Up for Marriage Against Intolerance


This is a blog post from the Foundry that hi-lights Judy Romea and the Anscombe Society's efforts to hold a conference despite all of the opposition they received from other students and the Stanford administration.

Stanford Relents Somewhat Toward Pro-Traditional Marriage Society


FIRE wrote a letter to the Stanford Administration

Marriage and family values conference sparks free speech debate at Stanford


An event next month at Stanford University that will discuss traditional marriage and family values has sparked a free speech debate on campus between a student group hosting the discussion and LGBT advocates who claim it includes discriminatory speakers.

Inteveriew with Judy Romea on Fox News


Stanford 'finds funds' for pro-family conference after fight with conservative student group


Stanford University has “found the funds” to pay for a 10-person security detail for a student organization’s upcoming conservative conference after initially asking the group to front thousands of dollars just two weeks prior to the event. Between a last minute retraction of funding and imposing security fees, the monetary hits just kept coming for Stanford’s Anscombe Society (SAS). After being denied funding by the Graduate Student Council (GSC) to help cover the cost of the group’s conference, Stanford decided to propose a $5,600 security fee in light of the back-and-forth controversy between SAS and several LGBT student groups. The fee will cover 10 security personnel for the entirety of the day at which 120 guests are expected, according to SAS.

Stanford's Jim Crow Speech Tax


Rod Dreher comments on the $5600 speech tax imposed on the Stanford Anscombe Society.

Stanford Relents, Lifts 'Free Speech Tax' on Pro-Marriage Conference


This blog post from the Foundry gives a decent summary of all the major events that have happened surrounding the Stanford marriage conference controversy.



The Stanford Anscombe Society's press release detailing Stanford's announcement that it has "found" the money necessary to cover the cost of the security fee.

LGBT Activists Derail Stanford Funding for Marriage Conference


he Graduate Student Council (GSC) of prestigious Stanford University in California (campus shown) has shot down a request for funding from a university group that is planning a pro-marriage conference entitled “Communicating Values: Marriage, Family and the Media.”

When Stanford Supported Free Speech


Written by a Stanford Alumnus--"Stanford is back in the news again. The decision by the Graduate Student Council to withdraw funding from the Anscombe Society for a conference on traditional marriage has earned the university a great deal of criticism."

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