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Countercultural Warriors


Thousands flood DC to stand up for marriage


Catholic News Agency mentions group of 60 Love and Fidelity Network students who marched for marriage in D.C. on March 26th.

Millennials react to same-sex marriage cases


USA Today interviews Vice President of the Harvard Anscombe Society, James McGlone.

WHCU Morning Newswatch Podcast


Director of Programs, Caitlin Seery explains why we should support marriage between a man and a woman.

Severing Love From Diapers: Gay Marriage Opponents Make Their Case


NPR news interviews Director of Programs, Caitlin Seery.

Young Opponants of Gay Marriage Fight On


The New York Times profiles young leaders, including Director of Programs Caitlin Seery, who are standing up for marriage as the union of one man and one woman in spite of intense pressure to conform their views.

Words that Still Matter


Katie Hinderer, contributor to the Ruth Institute blog praises the Love and Fidelity Network's different approach to Valentine's Day.

CU Dems Protest Family and Marriage Conference


Luke Barnes, Spectator Senior Staff Writer reflects on the high caliber of intellectual conversation and exchange of opinions throughout the Family in Modern Society conference.

Prejudgment Skewers Debate


Columbia student, Kyle Dontoh gives his impression of the Fidelio Society's conference on Family in Modern Society.

College Students Promote True Love


The North Carolina Family Policy Council reviews the Love and Fidelity Network's annual Valentine's Day campaign.

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