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Laura Ingraham Show: On Sexual Integrity


Joel Alicea, member of the Anscombe Society at Princeton appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show to discuss sexual integrity, pornography on campus, and the Anscombe Society.

Janet Mefferd Show: On the Damages of Hookup Culture


Audio clip. Ashley Crouch of the Love and Fidelity Network appears on the Janet Mefferd Show to talk about the damages of the hook-up culture. Follow the link above to download the audio file.

Mercator Net: Love and Fidelity movement spreads in US colleges


Love and Fidelity Network appears on MercatorNet, as Australia-based venue for providing a voice in defense of human dignity.

CNN: No Hooking Up: No Sex for some Coeds


CNN featured The Love and Fidelity Network in an article on college culture. The article also appeared on Drudge Report.

The Harvard Crimson: Student Groups Celebrate White Ribbon Against Pornography Week


True Love Revolution student leaders co-sponsored White Ribbon Against Pornography Week with Harvard Knights of Columbus and the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Students Association following Valentine's Day.

Boston Magazine: Sextracurricular Activities


Harvard's True Love Revolution and the Love and Fidelity Network are recognized in The Boston Magazine for their avid dedication to the principles of marriage, the family, and sexual integrity on campus.

The Battle for Love: Today's Culture


Leo Keliher, President of Harvard's True Love Revolution, is interviewed for his take on fighting for true love in today's culture on

Princeton's campaign for a Center for Abstinence and Chastity


Love and Fidelity Network Founder Cassandra Hough is featured in the Ivy League Christian Observer, discussing Princeton's campaign for a Center for Abstinence and Chastity.

Mercator Net: Dating to be Different


An article in Australia's MercatorNet features Viviana Garcia, a sophomore at Providence College and Co-President of The Anscombe Society.

The New York Times: The Conservative-Christian Big Thinker


The New York Times features a profile of Love and Fidelity Network advisory board member Professor Robert P. George.

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