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ABC News: Hooking Up for Sex: Sluts or New Feminists?


ABC News columnist Susan James covers the controversy surrounding Harvard's True Love Revolution group and predicts that the chastity movement among college students may be gaining ground.

The Daily Beast: Sexual Revolution, Part II


Newsweek columnist Lisa Miller reflects on Harvard's True Love Revolution and says these students "are onto something."

The Harvard Crimson: Something More


President of Harvard's True Love Revolution, Rachel Wagley, is featured in The Crimson with her own thoughts about the meaning of sex.

Headline Bistro: Cheap Sex has Its Cost


Cassandra Hough discussed the nationwide student initiatives against the hook-up culture in Headline Bistro.

Daily Princetonian: Marital responsibilities


President of Princeton's Anscombe Society, Brandon McGinley, speculates that colleges should do more to provide a helpful environment for students considering marriage in their futures.

The Daily Universe: Stand for the Family


BYU's student group "Stand for the Family" is recognized in their campus newspaper.

Star Tribune: A Counter to the Empty Lure of Promiscuity


Star Tribune profiles Cassandra Hough and her work to provide an alternative voice to the hook-up culture on college campuses.

National Catholic Register: Faithful Is the New Countercultural


The National Catholic Register features the Love and Fidelity's first annual conference on Sexuality, Integrity, and the University.

Morning in America: Sexual Culture on Campus


Love and Fidelity Network President Cassandra DeBenedetto discusses campus sexual culture on Bill Bennett's radio show, Morning in America.

EWTN: Profile of Princeton's Anscombe Society


EWTN's Life on the Rock features Love and Fidelity Network President Cassandra DeBenedetto and student leaders of the Anscombe Society at Princeton University.

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